{safe in L.A. | with a little help from my friends | spring oh twelve}

abstract: a post facto spring oh twelve edition / photo potpourri of my wanderlust in (mostly downtown) LA

{as you survey the pretty visuals, listen to the colourful tune that prompted the title of this post}

bottega louie
home of heavenly and beautifully packaged macaroons 

the last bookstore


lemonade - downtown LA

cucumber mint lemonade - yum!

my healthy, over-priced lemonade meal

college night @ LACMA

mid-century modern furniture! :D
los sombreros go 'olé!'
j'adore Chet Baker!
an extremely bashful and overly pixelated sassica

art walk din din @ chipotle / can't go wrong with guac!

accordion musical art display

havin' an old fashioned night cap on an old piano bench @ downtown's speakeasy gem, the varnish

remnants from a post Casey's-Jameson downing and Edison-lounging experience downtown:

the morning-after map

@ it's a wrap! | hah! lady hutch and I thrift-shopped our way home :D

lemonade - Pasadena

cute picnic table design!

watermelon rosemary lemonade

unique LA | spring oh twelve show

bang bang, shoot shoot!

someone stole Mario's hootch :P

I love the moleskin I got from sass&peril!

one of fav booths is 11:11 Enterprises'

creme caramel LA | bread pudding

creme caramel LA | masala chai caramel


I'm still mentally kicking myself for missing this show! :0(

umami - downtown LA

cheesy tots from umami's secret menu

nummmm! umami's earth burger never fails at giving me mouth-gasms

fried très leches donut

watch out for the next summer installation of Safe in LA visuals at the end of July oh twelve!

- besitos y sonrisitas -
{lady sassica}

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  1. That's my handwriting that says the bit about the tiny elf! Weird to see yourself immortalized in such a way!